Monday, June 7, 2010

Here is the real question. Before the government took over the school system,what book(s) did the children use to learn to read and write? The Holy Bible!

Year 1642---First education law enacted by Massachusetts General Court requiring parents and guardians of children to “make certain that their charges could read and understand the principles of religion and the laws of the Commonwealth” (O 147)

Year 1850---The Maine Supreme Court declares it “legal for all students in the government schools to be compelled to read the Protestant Bible” (C 82).

Year 1944---Congress enacts the G.I. Bill to provide federal funds for college education of veterans at public, private, religious schools.

Year 1954---Maine revises its 100-year-old ‘tuitioning’ system to prohibit the use of public funds at private religious schools (H 72).

Year 1962---Vermont Supreme Court rules that the state’s 100-year practice of allowing public funds to pay tuition at religious schools now violates the state’s Constitution (H 168).

Here is my question regarding religious schools. Since Christians DO pay taxes, why shouldn't the "public funds" be allowed for anyone seeking higher education regardless if it's a religious school. The last time I checked, that "bill" is a violation of our religious rights when there are soooo many Christians who pay taxes into that public fund not to mention they pay property taxes too! This is what's wrong with our public school system today. It's a bunch of lawless people with no morals whatsoever!

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