Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Started

It's amazing how blogging has changed. I've started this because of the fact I do have alot of information to share about God in Jesus Christ. I was never a Bible reader nor did I go to church so I wasn't really a believer until:

September 27, 2003 I had a very vivid dream of me being a little girl at this big plantation house. There was a tall man wearing a white robe whose face I couldn't see. His hair was shoulder length brown with an auburn tint to it and kinda wavy. He took this big white book and sat down on the porch itself. I sat right next to his knees on the first step down. He opened this book and showed me Matthew 6 and he taught me the words of the "Lords prayer" by saying a few words then I would repeat it until we finished the entire prayer. He then tells I did very good and for me to say it by myself. As I was saying the prayer as it is written, I look up and see him standing in the grass with this extremely bright shiny face. I squinted alot trying to look, however he proceeds to tell me that as long as I say this prayer, he would always watch over me because he found favor in me. I squinted and had this look of confusion on my face when he said that.

As I woke up still laying in the same position, I finished the prayer. Much to my amazement, I couldn't hardly move for a few seconds because I knew right then and there that Jesus Christ DID exist. I went to get up to tend to my 18 month old son at the time and had a very hard time moving about the house. 30 after I woke up, I had to call 911 because I was having severe chest pains and it radiated down my left arm. I was rushed to the hospital where it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack so they performed a heart cath with angioplasty. Much to the doctors amazement, I survived it. According to him, I should NOT have been conscious to call anyone.

I'm a living witness to the Living Jesus that he is real and he is alive.

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