Thursday, July 22, 2010

Illegal Immigration

In reviewing over the past several years in regards to immigration. Our laws specifically states that anyone who wants to come to the United States MUST have a Visa to be here. However, there are approximately 15 million illegal immigrants in this country. Lawmakers have stated that our immigration system is broken down and it needs to be reformed.

However, our immigration system is NOT broken and neither are the laws which were written. The only thing that is broken is our nations leaders and congress. They have broken constitutional laws, INS laws as well as other laws. It is the ENTIRE USA Congress that needs to be replaced with true Americans who are neither democratic nor republican. I support Arizonas bill because they are enforcing the law which is already in our law books. If President Obama cannot obey the constitutional laws of protecting our borders from the harm of illegals destroying American lives by bringing in their drugs, stealing jobs, forcing us to pay taxes to feed their illegal children and sending them to school, using our welfare system, using our hospitals, then the President needs to be impeached.

Another situation that irked me to no end was Hilary Clinton promising a package deal to Pakistan for $500 million. This nation is gazillions of dollars in debt. What right does she have to pledge $500 million when we are broke??? I believe the American people need to start standing up to our congress and tell them we will NOT pay for ANY aid to ANY foreign country until USA is completely out of debt!

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