Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Afghan War

Over the past week, I have been reading online resources talking about Wikileaks releasing over 91,000 classified documents in regards to the war on terror. I am appalled with Wikileaks and with those people who would stab their own country in the back and reveal sensitive material in regards to the lives of the Afghan people. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are people like this who call themselves "whistleblowers" to put so many lives at risk including here in the USA. I personally feel that during times of war, there are some things that should NOT be published. Julian Assange should be treated like a criminal and tried for treason for betraying this country. The Army PFC who did this should also be tried for treason.
I cannot stress the importance of secrets during the times of war! Some things should be classified because there are many in that country who DO help the Nato troops and DO NOT wish to be identified so as to not lose their lives. People just don't understand why you don't reveal things!

As far as Pakistan is concerned, their government IS helping the Taliban because it is bringing them more money from the Americans and other Nato countries. They will lie (taqiyya)and keep telling Nato that they are helping to combat Taliban when they are only limiting help. This is how they are getting money for their country! Open your eyes and see for yourself! Stop giving them money and tell them to produce Bin Laden or NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN TO THEM. The Taliban is Pakistans meal ticket to extort money from America.

Concerning Irans Ahmadinejad.....everytime I hear his speech or read about him on the news, the more I feel he seriously needs a psychiatrist. That man suffers from delusions of grandeur, paranoid schizophrenia, possible dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality), borderline personality disorder, and a host of others. Psychiatrists would have a field day with him! He is in some serious need of antipsychotic medication.

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