Sunday, September 12, 2010

YHWH revealed 666 to me.

Approximately 5-6 years ago, I had a dream where I was in all these large rooms, many adjacent to one another. There were lots and lots of canopy type beds where you couldn't see in them unless you pulled back the curtain. There were soooo many beds lined up that I was wondering exactly what was going on. As I was walking through, all I could hear was the voices of men & womens sexual moaning. I didn't pull back the curtains because I could tell what was going on. I remember crying and covered my eyes, then next thing you know....I woke up spewing out verses from the Bible.

666 represents an infinite number of mankind committing sins and abominations here on this earth. That is why flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. For all have sinned and fell short of the glory. The wages of sin is death.

Adam was created on the 6th day of creation. So a mans number is 6. All who are flesh & blood like Adam are sixes!

Revelation states for it is the number of a man. What man? Adam! Adams number is 6. Eves number is 6. What did they do? They brought SIN into the world. All who are made like unto Adam are SIXES! Why do you think he says to calculate because you can't calculate them all. There are billions of sixes in this world that can buy, sell, lend, borrow, kill, steal, commit adultery, unthankful, hateful, disrespectful, extremely selfish, money lovers, fornication, homosexuality, beastiality, bisexuality, etc...

The mark of the beast is Pride & the things of this world.
The forehead signifies THOUGHTS (see Genesis: the thoughts being continually evil)
The right hand signifies ACTIONS (Actions speak louder than words)

Why don't people seem to understand??? Satan does not like humans! He despises humanity because we are the object of YHWHs love. Satan is out to prove that we humans don't deserve YHWHs love and affection nor the right to be in heaven. Can't people see it? He is at work today trying to destroy us through sins! People, WAKE UP!

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